Myrto Zirini Ceramics is a contemporary ceramics workshop and showroom of one-of-a-kind pieces in the Mouragia area of Corfu Town.

After taking a break from architecture, Myrto rediscovered her passion and creative drive in ceramics. She found with clay that she regained her dexterity, balance and freedom of expression. Myrto is currently working with organic, fluid forms rough and smooth textures.

She perceives clay and its transformation process into ceramics as a kind of creation of ‘cultural fossils’. A material body that carries – contemporary to the maker – information and shapes from one era to the following ones. When compared to most materials used for utilitarian objects clay has an amazing resilience to wear and time, despite its fragile nature. The organic/asymmetrical shaped vessels Myrto makes derive from the smoothing process of the rough stone into a pebble through the force of the wave. She thinks of each vessel as a unique chiseled pebble that internally has imprinted fleeting moments and mesmerising colours of the Ionian landscape.


Myrto doesn’t sell wholesale, but in addition to her Corfu workshop/showroom selected items of her work can be found at the Ancient Greek Sandals flagship store, in 1 Kolokotroni Street, Athens (https://www.ancient-greek-sandals.com). Her soap dishes can also be found at the historical Patounis soap factory in Corfu Town (http://patounis.gr). Occasionally she takes part in exhibitions and pop-up stores.

Short CV

ΜSc Arch, Advanced Architectural Studies, Bartlett UCL London
BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design, UAL, Chelsea College of Art

She studied interior design and architecture in London where she also worked for 3 years. In 2004 she returned to her home city of Athens and worked within architecture and design in multiple areas – urban/public spaces, architecture and interior design (with aka lab architects) down to the smaller scales of exhibitions, furniture and graphic design. She has also taught at the MA interior design course at Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens. She moved to Corfu in 2012.